The High Empire of Kansbrecht (also known as High Kansbrecht, or the Kanish Empire) is one of the largest nation-states of the known world. It is located in the region known as the Kansbrecht on the continent of Weynar.


Long ago, the Kansbrecht was a region populated by numerous tribal nations. When the Medlamachian Empire fell, regional governors from the former areas ruled by Medlamachia capitulated to tribal rulers and the various kingdoms of the Kansbrecht were formed.

The Empire of Ortova invaded from the east several centuries later, first attacking the Kingdom of Farone. The invasion became known as the Ortovan Conquest, and was marked by betrayal from several other kingdoms in the Kansbrecht. Ortova secured her early foothold in the Kansbrecht by signing a treaty of Non-Aggression with Silesia and Austra, a pact which would later be known as the Treaty of Kassel for the fortress city of Kassel where it was signed. With peace assured in the west, Ortova was able to solidify her holdings in the east before consoldiating for further incursions.

The Empire of Kansbrecht was formed in the aftermath of the Kanish War of Independence, a conflict fought between the Kingdoms of the Kansbrecht and the Empire of Ortova nearly one hundred and fifty years after the Ortovan Conquest.

Member StatesEdit

The following nations have sworn fealty to the Imperial throne of the High Empire:



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