The Kansbrecht is a region of land in northeastern Weynar. Kansbrecht literally means "Land of Kan" in Kanish , the most common language spoken in the region.


The Kansbrecht refers to a vast region encompassing extremely varied terrain. From the eastern border to the western shores, the Kansbrecht is nearly 3,000 miles wide.

The Northern shore of the Kansbrecht is very cold and barren, experiencing winter-like conditions for around 5 months of the year. Further south the land becomes more temperate, with vast boreal forests covering much of the northcentral region. The centre of the Kansbrecht is divided in an east-west fashion by the vast Rhenna River which flows into Gatherer's Bay near the western border of the Kansbrecht. The Rhenna is also joined by the Rhoynar River which flows southerly from the northern shore of the Kansbrecht.

South of the Rhenna, the Kansbrecht is much warmer, with fertile open plains stretching for many miles. The southern borders of the Kansbrecht touch on the northern tip of the Medlamachian Penninsula.

The eastern border of the Kansbrecht is defined by a very straight coastline that runs north-south along what is known as the Sea of Rage, a very narrow body of water which separates Weynar from the continent of Ortonia.


Many thousands of years ago, the Kansbrecht was relatively uninhabited by man. Approximately three thousand years ago by most scholarly estimations, tribes from the west and south began to migrate into the region because of overpopulation and competition for food in western Weynar and northern Ayleios. These migrating tribes formed the basis for the various nation-states that slowly developed in the rich and fertile Kansbrecht.

Nations of the KansbrechtEdit

There is only one sovereign nation that inhabits the Kansbrecht, officially known as the High Empire of Kansbrecht, but often more informally referred to as the Kanish Empire or simply High Kansbrecht

Within the Empire however are several smaller nations which swear allegiance to the central crown authority. Each of these nations maintains their own royal family and some level of autonomy, but are required to pay taxes to the Imperial throne and contribute a high percentage of their soldiers to the standing Imperial military.

The member nations of the High Empire of Kansbrecht are as follows:

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